Introducing Coastal Copper®: Economic Performance Antifouling

Due to high demand from boat owners seeking an effective, yet economic antifouling for shorter slipping times – Altex Yacht & Boat Paint are pleased to announce the launch of Coastal Copper®.

Coastal Copper® is the latest addition to Altex Yacht & Boat Paint’s antifouling product range, designed for pleasure marine applications, where economy is required.

Classified as being harder than Altex No.5, Coastal Copper® is an ablative coating with powerful dual biocide for maximum protection against aggressive fouling and slime. This ensures effective antifouling performance and predictable protection from marine growth.

Compatible with most suitably prepared, fibreglass, gelcoat, steel and timber hulls, Coastal Copper® controls common types of fouling for periods of 8-12 months per coat. The coating is particularly suitable for vessels that tend to beach or experience higher wear than normal.

Tried and proven in New Zealand waters – Coastal Copper has been applied to launches and yachts for over 20 years.

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Coastal Copper