…however, it’s what’s going on inside the cans that is guaranteed to redefine the D.I.Y and professional Marine Painting market, throughout New Zealand!

With refined and improved formulations, easy to follow systems, clever label designs and the introduction of new colour options, Altex Yacht and Boat Paint have carefully analysed the D.I.Y and Professional Marine Painting market requirements and have exceed those requirements!

So why the new look? With over 20 years trading history as New Zealand’s most trusted local Marine Paint Manufacturer, a brand revamp was overdue. The opportunity for further technical development into the product line, and the requirement to upgrade the current formulations to meet the required health and safety regulations was also incorporated into the release.

The main changes for consumers of the range will be the introduction of the new label design. The label designs are now fashionably colour categorised, for easy recognition of type, incorporating simple to follow directions and guidelines. Altex has also introduced new and improved products and colours, within the Epoxy and Polyurethane formulations, ensuring comprehensive, easy to use and complete boat painting systems. These systems have been tailored to meet the needs of the D.I.Y enthusiast and Professional Marine Painting Contractor.

To compliment the new image release, a range of substrate specific, D.I.Y focused and simple to follow system guide brochures have been created and are available at your local retailer or online.

The Altex Yacht & Boat Paint’s new intuitive system, is available from all leading Marine Suppliers throughout New Zealand. For a full list of suppliers visit:

If a D.I.Y project is not for you, don’t worry just ask for Altex Yacht and Boat Paint by name at a professional Marine Painting Contractor, or contact Altex direct for a recommended contractor nearest to you.

Following on from the positive response we received at the Auckland On Water Boat Show, if you would like to find out more about these exciting changes to a much loved, classic New Zealand brand, then visit the Altex Yacht and Boat Paint Team, at the Inside Marquee on Stands 47 & 48, at the Tauranga Marine Show 2015.